Monday, March 19, 2012

The Increasing Jesus (John 3:30)

  The prophet John the baptist said about Jesus that "he must increase, but I must decrease". Specifically John was talking about his own work as a prophet to prepare the way for Jesus to make ready a people prepared for him, John said of himself that he was not the "bridegroom" he was the friend of the bridegroom and in that his joy was complete (John 3:29). But those words, Jesus must increase but I must decrease are true for disciples of Jesus always.
  To meditate daily on Jesus, to talk to him in prayer, live life indwelled by the Spirit, and follow him in praxis is to let him increase in our life. To decrease ourselves and see a hurting world around us as our mission is to let Jesus increase in us. Paul wrote the Galatian churches "my children- I seem to be in labor with you all over again, until the Messiah is fully formed in you". The challenge of Jesus is to let him be fully formed in us, to decrease ourselves and let Jesus increase.

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